Here are some songs from Japanese coputer game and my own songs.

The 1st song

To say the truth, I don't like this song... but this was the first time in my life that I made a song.


August 1, 2006


A really short song with slapping bass and funky drums.


August 19, 2006

The 2nd song

I spent two weeks to finish this. Mixing took so much time too. I played the electric bass and some keyboards.

Playtime is 2 minutes 40 seconds. A little bit longer.


August 25, 2006

"Futari" from "AIR"(composed by Shinji Orito)

I did MIDI recording and rang E-MU Protheus X LE. I played my electric piano so many times to make perfect take. And I also used Chinese string sound ("Erhu" by Kong Audio) in this song. LPLL2(Lallapallooza lite)。buzzroom is also used.

This fabulous song is from Japanese game "AIR" by Key. I love this song. And of course I love the game too.

By the way, "Futari" means "two"(or "two people").


September 11, 2006


Actually this song is very simple. It is repet of Em G Em G Am D Em .

I used LPLL2 in this song too. And intermiting piano sound was created with WOLLO DRONE 2 by Erik Wollo. Organ sound is AZR3. You can download it on Rumpelrausch Taips.

Voice like sound is "synger" by XOXOS. Finally, "Vinyl" by iZotope. This is a free VST Plugin and very useful. I think this song is like "moby", isn't it?


September 18, 2006

"Yakusoku" from "Kanon"(composed by Shinji Orito)

"Kanon" is also a Japanese computer game by Key. "Yakusoku" means "promise".

I played my electric gutar in this song with GT-8(multi effecter and amp simulator from BOSS). GT-8 sounds really great but it's not so cheap... I hard worked at a coffee shop(not a place to smoke marijuana!) in Tokyo as a shop clerk to get enough money to buy GT-8.

At the beginning of the song, I played my JS1200 with Neck pickup coil-tapped(coil-tapping can change hambacker pickups into single coil pickups) through Triamp (by Hughes&Kettner) modeling sound. And the guitar with chorus effect was played through a model of Mesa/Boogie's combo amp with a chorus effect named "2CE".

And lead guitar is played with coil-tapped bridge pickup through Marshall's high gain sound. It doesn't sound "hi gain", but I have to apply much gain to get sustain of guitar sound.


October 14, 2006

Electronic Suite "A planet of solitude", 1st Movement: Cold Desert

I wanted to create Hans Zimmer like thing but this song is just like Pink Floyd's "Shine on you crazy diamond". I had an inspiration from a dream which I'd dreamed a couple of days before I started working on this song.

I mixed sounds of Mesa/Boogie and Marshall in this song. And this is really high gained sound. But I prefer Marshall to Mesa/Boogie. I love the sharp sound of Marshall!

I used some reverse playing tricks to the sound of WOLLO FMERA. Reverse playing is very interesting trick and it's worth trying. I think you should try it now!

And strange string or percussion thing sound is "Kanun" by Safwan Matni. There are lots of strange instruments on his Website.

And voices at the last of the song was created with an interesting software. This voice creating tool by AT&T is useful and you can choose the pronunciation. I chose British man's voice. And the voice was processed through an effect called "Spaceman" from MB PlugIns.

October 28, 2006

AIR and Kanon is computer games by Key. "Futari" and "Yakusoku" were composed by Shinji Orito.

And I used sheet music on Pico-score. On Pico-score, you can listen to Pico(Website owner)'s beautiful playings.

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